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In 2006 the provincial government increased instructional grants for schools. This grant increase and other government initiatives helped to reduce or eliminate the charges for many school items. Text books, for example, are now provided free of cost to students.

However, schools are still permitted to charge fees for a variety of things, and parents/caregivers still need to provide basic school supplies. In June or September, many teachers send home school supply lists to help with this preparation, and they are the best people to advise parents of what will be needed for school.

From a school district perspective, we ask that all schools/teachers ensure the following:
- Brand-name items are not requested. The list should be kept as generic as possible.
- The list is limited to the basic supplies needed.
- Where possible, the provision of items should be staggered, so that a family does not have to provide all of the items for the full school year in September.

For more information, check out the link to information provided by the Department of Education on school fees and school supplies:

If a parent/caregiver has a question or concern about a school supply list or an item on the list, s/he should contact the teacher or school administrator to discuss the matter.

If a family is experiencing particular difficulty in providing the necessary school supplies, the parent/caregiver is encouraged to contact the school. Nova Central School District and individual schools make every effort to assist families that find the school start-up financially challenging, and to ensure that children have the supplies needed to get off to a good start.